Creative Exercise 2: Quick Life Notes Cartoon

Creative Exercise 2 also uses your Creative Life Note answers

And the 'secret sauce' to this exercise is to do it FAST!

Speed is of the essence here, because we're going to use it to by-pass any unhelpful 'bystanders', those faceless critics who peer over your shoulder and judge what you do even before it's done.

Also, this is an exercise which will get your answers out into the world in a visual form again, once more cementing them for you as your own, giving them value and really embedding them in your brain.

That way, they become your creative touchstones for you to return to time and again for comfort and support.

You'll find an example below - my own creative life cartoon! As you can see, you don't need to have any drawing skills at all for this exercise - I have used stick people and words to make the cartoon.


  1. You will need one blank sheet of paper and a black pen.
  2. Set a timer (use your cell/mobile phone). Allow yourself 20 minutes. Try to complete your cartoon in this time. Stop when the alarm sounds.
  3. Draw eight blank line boxes on your piece of paper, leaving a bit of space at the top for your cartoon title.
  4. You can draw your boxes in any configuration you like. It's better if they're not all the same size - take a look at the example below for layout ideas.
  5. Write in your title. Name your cartoon anything that speaks to you (I named my own cartoon simply 'My Creative Life').
  6. Write the words 'By.......' and your name (or your 'cartoon name') beside your title, to claim your cartoon as uniquely yours own.
  7. Using your Creative Life Notes answers, draw into the boxes a cartoon of your creative life.
  8. (Optional) Share your cartoon in the Comments below.
  9. Leave a Comment for fellow students about your own process doing this exercise, or some respect for other people's cartoons.

My Creative Life Cartoon_Find Your Creative Heart.pdf